Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 A Prophetic Tale

We've been talking about this year for so long now, that 2012 already feels like the year we lived and left behind.  Instead it is the year that we are about to experience and document against all the prophecies that have been told.  This is the year of armegeddeon, Mayan prophecies, end of the world, and cataclysmic events to forever shape or change our so called world.  2011 shaped up to be a year of protests, riots, natural disasters, heat waves, earthquakes, floods and unusual news events.  2011 also churned out to be a year of mediocrity at best in music and the arts.  But the most important thing to happen in 2011 was on the economic and political fronts in which the 'people' finally started taking back their power. 

Interestingly, protests and the like don't get coverage when only Black ppl are shouting for their rights.  I can distinctly remember several Black groups protesting in the down town streets in the cold day after day in DC since 2008, with their picket signs in disguist for discrimination, employment inequities and the cronyism of the corporate machine.  But there were no cameras and no media to report about them.  But as soon as whites organized around the same ideas, the media was there, and a coalition name was given to them.... Occupy Wallstreet, etc.  Whether we believe it or not, if Blacks dared to protest in such fashion, day in and day out in any open facility, the media would ignore them as much as possible.  The fact that whites made an overwhelming impression to be heard, cameras, media and outlets wanted to know what were their grievances.  We all know that the very fabric of Amerikkkanizm has always functioned on the ability to divide the masses, in some form or fashion.  With whites feeling the brunt of the corporate machine, as in slavery days, many of them also were at the bottom of the totom pole, but the powers of so called Democracy ensured that poor whites would have a better outlook on life than Blacks ever could, despite their wretched condition.  In 2012 expect to see more of the same.  While many young whites have not had the privilges that their fore parents may have had, many of them are realizing that this American dream thing may just be a hell of a nightmare for them too. 

President Barack Obama really showed his stuff in 2011, with bombings on the African continent, drone killings all over the place, guantanamo still a torture goulag, and he upped the ante by signing into law american citizens can be held as terror suspects with no probable cause or proof of evidence and be held indefinately.  What did you say about change Obama?  Damn a sister had some hopes for you, but now, its clear you  must do the devil's bidding, after all, you're sitting in his seat.  So do we really think any benevolent policies would come out of the Obama Administration.  Lets not kid ourselves, as Black ppl we love that a brother is in the whitest house in amerkkka, and as 2012 shapes up for his re election bid, four more years of Obama, I suppose is the lesser of two evils, better than any of those neanderthal repulikkkans that are opting to fill that seat.  But Obama has showed, he can be as gangster as he can be compromising.  Gangster when it comes to killing american citizens with no due process, gangster when bombing african nations, gangster when locking up more ppl in the american military/prison industrial complex, oh yes, Obama showed his true colors in 2011.  And we thought he was only going to grovel to the repubs to get some play.  In other words, at home Obama seemed weak, but abroad, he was like Bush on demerol and steroids.   Nonetheless, I'm sure Obama will reign in the 2012 nominee for President once again, and he will hold true to being in the devil's seat.

The African Diaspora in 2012 have a lot to look forward to and it is best that we keep abreast of the entire African landscape to see our progress or decline.  Right now, it appears on some fronts we are progressing, but in so many others we are declining.  Depending on who you ask, but personally everyone I know is going through it, and rough times only seem to be on the horizon for us as we witness the fall of the amerikkkan empire, and it predecessors in Europe.  The same economies that became wealthy and grandeur from the enslavement and forceful rape of Africa, are now crying about austerity measures and how their economic future is dismal and broke.  So was the enslavement of African ppl really worth it to be broke 400 years later?  We can not get back our ancestors who were stolen and demonized, but europe and america can keep creating money out of thin air.  In 2012 we must continue to keep our eyez on the prize, and that prize is our uncompromised freedom, economic and political, while our ancestors keep over our movements, we shall continue to honor them.