Thursday, September 30, 2010

Opinionated Afrikan Woman

Maybe its because i'm a virgo, or maybe its because i have always imagined that some things should make more sense than others. Todays news environment gives one plenty to comment on, and in the world of cultural dynamics, politics, economics, and entertainment, there are a slew of ideas and reactions that generate response from people like me, who tend to be opionated.  I like to comment on things that are popular, relevant but also things that are under the radar as it relates to Afrikan people and our desire for liberation.  For there are many who do not desire liberation, but there are many like myself who do.

I look to explore further in the written word how I can liberate myself from the shackles of a babylonian system that continues to ensure the inequities and imbalances of a natural and organic ppl remain hidden from them.  I long to find an Afrika that is willing to come to the table to discuss our common problems and shared objectives.  And if there are things that I say you may not like, or things you even agree with, then I'm doing my job, because I am one opinionated afrikan woman!