Monday, February 7, 2011

Macy Gray v. being an artist of conscious

Published Feb. 7, 2010 National Black News Journal

Letters to the Editor
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Reader Critical of Macy Gray for Deciding to Perform in Israel
There are soldiers of conscious and then most times there are soldiers with no conscious. The fact that Macy Gray considered the Palestinians in her appeal to go to Israel and perform shows she's a soldier of conscious. However, it appears no matter what her fans would say, she had already made up her mind to go. Artists have the right to have a conscious its just sad that most of them don't use it when it comes to dire human conditions in various parts of the world that they may be asked to perform.

Israel has brought in many artists to perform, and for the typical artist that has no conscious-- as long as its a free trip and a paycheck and the chance to be seen or heard is all that matters. But as an artist, when you have no levy to protest or to bring awareness to a situation, then you're just an entertainer, who deserves no honorable mention in era of any publicity is good publicity. Most artists pivot their back to political and social inequalities, and tend to ignore it because after all its not them suffering from apartheid. Even when their own fore parents had suffered such indifferences, today's era of musicians either don't care about the past or feel they are not part of that past. For Grays' credit she thought of the Palestinians, but in the end it was her paycheck that was most important (oh yeah she said her fans).

It appeals to the fact that artists no longer have a voice to educate, protest or heighten awareness about serious inequities such as the Israel/Palestine situation. If I were Macy Gray, I would never play there and would give my reasons for doing so. Sometimes its lonely being the voice of conscious, but its a price that many artists before have had to pay, so people like Macy Gray can sing anywhere in the world. So many of todays artists stand on the shoulders of those who said NO they will not perform they will not support apartheid regimes, and racist countries where their people were being dehumanized. But that tradition is long gone, and today’s artists are blatant examples of what amnesia can do to a people.

Adjua Dubb -